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Our Editors

Anita C. has been an editor for EditMyEnglish for over five years. She has a master’s degree in adult education from the University of Cincinnati. Anita has over 15 years of college level teaching experience, including English, basic and advanced writing, and business writing courses. She currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky, and enjoys traveling, the arts, working out, gardening, and spending time with her dog, Lucy, the queen of all canines.

Suzanne M. grew up in New York and graduated with a Master's degree in Writing and Graphic Design in 2006 from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas (honors: 4.0 GPA). She has ten years of content management and editorial experience and has edited for Sony, Yahoo, Dell, HP, and World Vision, among many others. She was the Managing Editor of The Perfect Vision magazine and has published numerous magazine articles. She has also taught in Thailand, China, Myanmar, and at a women's college in Honduras and has traveled and volunteered throughout New Zealand and Asia.

Elizabeth K. holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and Near Eastern languages and civilizations from Harvard University. An avid student of languages, literature, and culture, she has spent time in Japan and Hong Kong and speaks French, Arabic, and some Spanish. Elizabeth has worked in Washington, DC, and New York, NY, in politics, international affairs, and film and literary development. She has worked with EditMyEnglish since 2009, and during college, provided English editing services to ESL clients and taught English overseas. Outside of reading and writing, her main interests are travel, music, nature, and Pilates.

Maren M. graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in marketing communications and a minor in business. She worked at the largest advertising agency in Salt Lake City. After this position, she worked as a marketing affiliates manager at for several years before starting her family. Even before she started working for, she was known among her family, friends, and co-workers as the “go-to” person for help with writing papers, reports, resumes, etc. When she is not editing, Maren is in the business of raising her four kids - not something for the faint of heart.

Anna K. has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Earlham College and recently completed her Master of Science in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She spent six years teaching in the First Year Writing Program at the University of the Arts and has been editing in various contexts since 2003. Anna is now a secondary English teacher in Philadelphia. She is passionate about reading, public education, gardening, print-making, and the Pine Barrens.

Elaine A. earned a BA in English and minored in education at the University of Massachusetts, later adding graduate courses in ESL. After teaching students of all ages, including second-language learners, for 25 years, she loves working as a freelance writer, editor, and copy editor. She’s a contributing editor to Remedies and Taste for Life magazines and copy edits six New England lifestyle magazines. She is an avid reader, gardener, and hiker.

Dan M. was born and raised in Milwaukee and thereafter graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He first began editing academic papers and grants in 2004 and have continued with editing work since that time. In 2007, after becoming fully fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Dan also added translating to his repertoire. He currently lives and works in Beijing and have spent over five years in total in China. When he is not editing, he loves traveling, watching NFL football, and immersing himself in the Beijing music scene.

Emily H. has been an editor for the EditMyEnglish team since 2008. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration/marketing from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and received her Master of Business Administration degree from DePaul University in Chicago. Emily has over ten years of experience in global marketing and communications and spent two years living and working in Kobe, Japan. Emily currently resides in central Illinois with her husband and two children.

Sarah N. graduated summa cum laude in 2000 with a degree in Public Relations. After working for five years in the media industry, Sarah now works from home, editing and writing and raising her children. She worked with EditMyEnglish for two years and has recently returned after a sabbatical. In addition to her favorite hobby, reading, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family and playing cards with friends.

Susan C. is a freelance writer with a focus on economic and business subjects. She has worked as a copy editor for newspapers, magazines, books, and a stock exchange. She especially enjoys editing papers concerned with social or behavioral science because she spent three years as a reporter for a newspaper published by the American Psychological Association. While working in Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand, she gained considerable experience in editing and rewriting texts by non-native speakers of English. She has degrees in English literature and journalism.

Matthew H. holds a BA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing. He spent 12 years as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician in the United States Air Force. Besides dismantling unexploded ordnance and roadside bombs, he gained extensive experience in technical, academic, creative, and professional writing. In addition to freelance writing and editing, he’s in pursuit of a JD from the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Lillian D. graduated from Swarthmore College in 2007 with a degree in English literature. In 2008 she taught English as a Fulbright Scholar in Argentina before returning to Philadelphia. Lillian continues to teach creative writing and English to students of all ages on a volunteer basis. She currently edits a Philadelphia-based literary magazine, APIARY, and works as an advertising copywriter at the University of Pennsylvania.

Anne B. has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Kentucky. She has over ten years of experience editing print and online newsletters, speeches, brochures, and various documents for corporations, schools, and non-profits. Her personal interests include reading, gardening, biking, hiking, and walking her dog.

Deborah G. has been editing with EditMyEnglish for seven years, working to improve well over a thousand writing projects, including resumes, papers, articles, dissertations, and theses. Her professional writing experience includes press releases and works of fiction. Having obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in English, she especially enjoys helping writers find that one perfect, elusive word. She also loves cooking, learning about Pompeii, and spending time with her husband and four children.

Matt T. has worked for EditMyEnglish since the summer of 2013 and edited various newspapers, literary journals, academic manuscripts, student papers, ESL test materials, and web content since 2002. He holds an M.A and B.A. in English literature from Purdue University and Ohio University, respectively, and minors in Spanish and history. While earning his B.A., he also studied at the University of Southern Denmark. He has taught English composition courses at Purdue, as well as developed curricula for, taught, and tutored English as a second language at various schools in Taiwan. Nevertheless, above all, he prefers to edit. His preferred style is Chicago, his favorite font Garamond, and his most beloved prose writer James Baldwin.

Cheri W. has been editing for EditMyEnglish since 2005. She has a BA in English (with an Editing emphasis) from Brigham Young University. Cheri has edited all types of documents and has edited for private groups and companies. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and being a mom to 4 kids.

Alissa G. grew up in Michigan, where she received her BA in English with a minor in writing. After college, she moved to Indiana, where she earned her MA in rhetoric and composition. She has done a variety of writing and editing work and has been working with EditMyEnglish since 2013. When she is not working, Alissa stays busy planning for her upcoming wedding and cross-country move to New York City.

Rachel A. graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University where she focused her studies in languages. As a student, she served as a tutor in the university Writing Center, a staff writer for the campus newspaper, and a co-founder of the newsletter, The Vision. She also worked for a small business as an editor of the Associated Press news headlines. Following graduation with her second major in education, Rachel focused her career on teaching both elementary and secondary grades in various places in the United States and the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, she continued to nurture her excitement for English both in her teaching and personal writing. In June 2010, she left her teaching career to begin professionally editing. Her pastimes include outdoor recreation, nature photography, and writing poetry.

Matt K. graduated from Oberlin College with a B.A. in English in 2010 and received an M.F.A. in poetry from Purdue University in 2014. While at Purdue, he taught courses in composition and creative writing and edited the Sycamore Review. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in English at Cornell University. When he is not writing, teaching, or editing, he enjoys running, cycling, playing music, and perusing new books of poetry.

Kara S. earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill. With a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in journalism, Kara has more than 7 years of experience working with EditMyEnglish and has edited documents of all types. She has worked in communication for organizations of various sizes for more than 10 years, writing and editing newsletters, press releases, speeches, brochures, annual reports, and other various promotional and marketing documents for non-profits and higher education. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, bicycling, working out, and reading.

Vanessa B. has been an editor for the EditMyEnglish team for over five years. She holds both a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English and minor in speech from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. In addition, Vanessa is certified by the State of Michigan to teach English and speech at the secondary level. She is experienced in working closely with students in English literature, speech, and composition, including ESL students. As a teacher and editor, she values the opportunity to help students and professionals become confident and stronger in their writing by providing thorough edits, comments, and suggestions. In her spare time, she enjoys every moment with her husband and three children.